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As a practicing physician for over 44 years, I’ve developed what may seem like a simple philosophy - but it is one that has a profound impact on my patients every day... when we give the body what it needs to fight disease and maintain vibrant health, the result is true health from the inside out. But in today’s hectic world, with chemical-laced foods, too little sleep, and ever spiraling stress, giving the body what it needs is harder than ever. Here is where WellSpring becomes your healthcare partner for life. Together, we will create a Personalized Wellness Plan to address your current needs and create optimal health for the future. Don’t wait another day to start experiencing the fantastic health you were created to have.

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Tradition and Science Unite to Create Truly Unique, Customized Care

At WellSpring Clinic we unite the best of cutting-edge medical science with alternative therapies to create a customized wellness plan for each patient. Whether you are struggling to overcome health challenges, or want to strengthen and support your good health, WellSpring Clinic truly is your healthcare partner for life.

Please give us a call to learn how we can provide individualized optimal health services to get healthy now, and enjoy a healthy, vibrant tomorrow.

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Dr. Sam Walters
Naturopathic Medical Doctor WellSpring Clinic
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Scottsdale, Arizona

WellSpring Clinic
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We're open from 8:30am to 5pm Monday through Thursday, and from 8:30am to noon on Friday.

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Doctors Detox - the revolutionary new detox system by Dr. Sam Walters is a national sensation. Now, you can detox, cleanse and restore, and feel the energy, lightness and digestive comfort you had decades ago! Don't waste another minute - join the detox revolution and feel all the energy, stamina, focus you deserve, and finally say goodbye to gas, bloating, fatigue and that heavy, sluggish feeling for good.



Optomed Weight Loss Protocol - As Seen On TV

The Optomed™ Weight Loss Protocol is the talk of the Valley, and now you can experience the benefits of safe, rapid weight loss yourself. Give us a call today, and visit our Weight Loss site at!

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Dr. Sam Walters on CDBS 5's Better Living Arizona - PTX Therapy on TV

On February 15th, Dr. Sam Walters appeared on CBS's Better Living Arizona to get the word out about the incredible advancements in heart health therapies. View below to get the special message, and read more about PTX Therapy!

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