The Optomed Weight Loss Protocol

Are you ready to lose up to a pound a day safely and naturally?

The medically supervised Optomed Weight Loss Protocol give your body four levels of support for men to lose up to a pound, and women up to three quarters of a pound a day.

The Optomed Weight Loss Protocol is your opportunity to lose the weight, safely and naturally for life. You can do it! And we will be with you every step of the way.


Losing weight has never been easier!

The Optomed Weight Loss Protocol is custom-designed to optimize fat mobilization, activating your body’s fat-burning switch to quickly melt fat and sculpt the body. It is a safe, doctor-monitored program with no exercise requirements, no counting calories, pre-packaged foods or even worse, surgery. You can achieve what you never thought possible – fast, easy weight loss that will last a lifetime with no hunger or cravings…just results!

If you follow the Optomed program, we guarantee your success!

4 Levels of Support to Guarantee Your Success!

HCG Drops: Just a few small drops a day will assist your body in mobilizing fat, and curbing hunger and the toughest cravings

Targeted Nutrition: specially formulated nutritional give you the nutrients you need to build health while you lose weight.

Super-Nutrient Boost: The Optomed Protocol give you a nutritional super-boost calibrated for your body chemistry twice a week so you have the energy you need to stay on track and focused.

Unlimited Support: You’ll get everything you need to succeed – from office weigh-ins, to a simple eating plan, a Protocol guide and help with emotional eating.

Stick with the program and you will lose weight – more quickly and easily than you dreamed possible. Just give us a call for an initial consultation.