Work and Automobile Injuries

Accidents are traumatic enough…

Shouldn’t you streamline your recovery?

We’ve all been there: that dreaded metallic crunch, the slip in the slick tub… the injury that comes with work or play. Most patients don’t know that WellSpring Clinic has special programs to support your recovery after an accident.

By combining aggressive pain management therapies, physical therapy and naturopathic manipulation, we can give you relief today, and speed healing for tomorrow.

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Auto Accident

Driving Skeletal

What to Do After an Accident

Don’t wait! It’s essential you seek treatment now.

  • Call us immediately – the sooner you begin treatment, the more we can minimize the impact on your life
  • We’ll create a plan together to get you “back to normal” as soon as possible
  • You’ll have the treatment you need to stop the pain, heal the injury, and rebuild strength

Call today: (480) 946.9222