Heidelberg Gastric pH Analysis

What is a Heidelberg pH Test?

The Test will accurately verify the presence of a common Digestive Disorder.
WellSpring Clinic will require a complete Medical History before the Test.
There is no discomfort during a Heidelberg pH test. Patients are relaxed and comfortable.
The results are immediate so WellSpring may have the post test consultation the same day.

The First Stage of Digestion is Extremely Important to How the Body Handles Stress and Disease. If you are taking supplements you need to be utilizing them properly. The Heidelberg Diagnostic Test will allow WellSpring Clinic to bring your digestion back to Optimal Conversion and Absorption.

Heidelberg pH Diagnostic Test will accurately verify the presence of the low stomach acid production, high stomach acid production, no acid in the stomach, Dumping Syndrome, Acute or sub Acute Gastritis, Heavy Mucus in the stomach, and Pyloric insufficiency.

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Heidelberg Gastric pH Analysis

Cutting-Edge Therapies Begin with Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Tools

A significant number of GI problems are due to abnormal pH profiles in your digestive system. The pH of your digestive system plays an all-important role in how you handle and process foods which are needed to nourish your body. What can be done to learn whether you have proper pH in both your stomach and small intestine?

At the WellSpring Clinic, we use a painless European diagnostic system which helps us gather accurate information about your current state of digestive system health, enabling us to formulate an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of the problem. It’s called the Heidelberg Gastric pH Analysis. The Heidelberg pH Capsule works like a roving reporter.

The Capsule is a micro miniaturized radio transmitter designed for swallowing, and is NOT “radioactive,” so there is no reason for concern. It gives WellSpring Clinic a digital pH reading, along with a graphic recorder of its environment-time phase. While in the stomach, the pH capsule will report pH information and it show immediate changes to alkaline or acid status.

If you’re experiencing gas, belching, acid reflux or bloating, the Heidelburg pH Analysis can help you get back on track quickly, easily, and, best of all, painlessly.

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