Natural Cancer Therapy & Immune Modulation

Customized Care for Serious Illness and Immune Recovery

WellSpring Clinic develops highly effective, customized care for all types of cancer and other serious illnesses. The success of this approach is based on a simple philosophy – enhance the body’s immune system to nurture the body’s ability to fight disease and maintain a state of vibrant health. We will design an individual program for you that will best optimize your immune function to fight disease. We accomplish this by utilizing natural nutrients, oxygen, heat and other therapies that directly attack disease and create an environment that is deleterious to the disease.

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Natural Cancer Therapy & Immune Modulation

A Holistic Approach to Complete Immune Recovery

In our experience, a positive mindset and a strong faith in a higher power greatly influence successful recovery. Frequently, patients report the importance that their mindset, attitude and faith had on their healing process.

And, new reports indicate that half of all cancers can be prevented through early detection and lifestyle changes. Tobacco use, physical inactivity, obesity and poor nutrition remain the major causes of cancer and other diseases in the United States.

A healthy lifestyle and customized Wellness Program coupled with early detection and treatment is by far the best personal weapon individuals can use to fight disease.

We treat the immune system, not cancer, by bringing the body’s natural defense system back into balance through building systemic levels of tumor-killing immune complexes to the levels naturally found in a balanced immune system.

We believe that, through very specific and radical changes in diet and behavior, it is possible to treat cancer if it has not progressed too far. People at home and in clinics are doing just that all over the world and writing about it.

Terminal end-stage cancer cases sometimes show dramatic improvement. If you improve the body’s health enough, it will be strong enough to keep cancer in remission. Fortunately, there are many courageous individuals and practitioners who have blazed the trail to discover methods that help patients live healthy lives.

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