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Patients and Friends

PRP8 Saves The Day!

Dear WellSpring Clinic:

I am absolutely compelled to write this testimonial on behalf of the immune-restoring properties of your PRP-8 spray. You may recall a few months ago I first came to your office after my eight year-old daughter’s best friend had intractable warts for years on her hands and fingers. Her mother stated one day, “Look at Syd’s hands, the warts are gone!” This child had been repeatedly taping her warts, picking at her warts, anything to no avail. The ONLY difference was the exasperated “last-try”…the PRP-8. her mother stated she couldn’t believe it and was convinced it had to be the spray, a colostrum mix of polypeptides. I have a Master’s in Biomedical Sciences, all taught from a Western perspective, so I had some interest peaked but was skeptical regarding naturopathic medicine. During her many playdates, my daughter had also contracted a very large, obtrusive wart on her thumb, which had been there at least a year and a half, and consistently annoyed her to the point of frustration. It interfered with holding pencils, etc…and she would frequently bite at it, pick at it…to no avail. We repeatedly went to a dermatologist for retin-A cream and cryogenic treatments with hardly any noticeable result…in fact, it sometimes appeared larger and harder thereafter. For the past few months our entire family has been taking the PRP-8 spray religiously…four squirts every morning and eve. Miraculously, it would seem, my daughter came running home from school yesterday stating, “mom, my wart fell off…I was just picking at it and the whole thing just fell off”. I was so excited, I had to call you because I have never had any kind of experience with non-traditional medicines or natural healing and really was hopeful this might work but also realistic. To me, as a trained Western scientist, I find this statistically significant!!!! I am so utterly grateful and thankful that this big, ugly, uncomfortable growth is gone and that there really might be promise that this could be the wave of the future. I am enthusiastically hoping to get the word out considering some people’s lives might actually be saved or affected greatly by this product…it is nothing short of a miracle cure!!!! As an aside, my husband’s toenail fungus, my chronic tonsillitis and fibrillation are very much in check and I am now wondering whether they might all be connected? THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS for your passionate investment in peoples’ health and well-being!

Gratefully, Dr. Kirsten

Since completing 20 PTX IV’s and regaining 95% of the feeling in my lower legs and feet.  In 2006 and 2007 I stubbed my right foot 3 times each time breaking the little toe, each time a different bone of the toe, so all three were broken.  The area above the last 3 toes of the right foot turned blue and has been all these years. I noticed last week it’s normal at last.



About 18 months ago I was told I had plaque build-up in my arteries (hardening of the arteries). It appeared having stints put in would be my best option. I remembered hearing Dr. Sam Walters talk on the radio about how his PTX therapy was able to dissolve this plaque with an IV. I decided to try this non-invasive approach. When I started therapy, I could walk up a few steps without stopping to catch my breath for a couple minutes. Walking my dog was time consuming as I could only go a short distance, very slowly, without stopping. I remember being in a grocery store and it took me about 20 minutes to exit the store and get to my car. Dr. Walters told me up-front the normal course would be about 30 treatments. I decided to do 2 treatments a week. After about the 12th treatment, I noticed something felt different. About the 18th treatment, I could notice another improvement and on about the 28th treatment I could really notice a difference. I finished my 30th treatment about a year ago and currently I walk about a mile early in the morning before work with no ill effects, I walk my dog without any problems, I work out at the gym about 45 minutes 4 times a week, and when I get to work I run up and down a flight of stairs a couple of times without a problem. This therapy works!!! I currently take the PTX Sustain pills, I had been all along, to stop new plaque from forming and I do go back every couple of months for another IV. I may not need this at this point, however since my body as been forming plaque over the years, I intend to stay on top of this. I am a firm believer in the PTX therapy.

Eldon in Glendale